List of Idaho Adventures

Adventures in South Central Idaho
As the snow melts and we get inch closer to summer we here at TrailWeb.Net were thinking about some mini-adventures that are possible within this lovely part of Idaho. Sure we all want to travel to exotic places to have life changing experiences, but we have some great challenges right out the back door. All of the adventures below can be done within a day. They are all within 90 minutes drive of Ketchum and most of them you don’t need to drive anywhere at all. So what are you waiting for start planning your next adventure now!

Run the Alice Toxaway Loop: This is one of the best trail runs ever! Alpine lakes, Mountain vistas, and manageable terrain make this a great long run. If you can’t make it to that marathon you wanted to, try this run instead. I guarantee it will be less crowded.

Ride from Ketchum to Hailey and back on dirt roads and trails: Link this ride together and you will never think about your commute up and down the valley the same way again.

Hike Kent, Ryan, and Glasford Peaks in a day: Close to town and cheaper than flying to Everest.

Hike Hyndman, Cobb, & Old Hyndman Peaks in a day: You see these peaks looking down on you from everywhere. Don’t you think its time you saw the view from the top?

Run the big Adams Gulch Loop: Sure you’ve been on Lane’s trail a zillion times. Take the adventure a little farther and see some territory.

Ride Corral, Pioneer Cabin, Johnstone, Bear, Parker: This is an epic ride that you start and end right from the Ketchum/Sun Valley area. No driving and tons of sweet single-track = Must Do.

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